Evolution and systematics of arthropods

Explore arthropods, the dominant animal life form on the planet.

Dolichogenidea xenomorph wasp

They are responsible for key ecological processes as well as causing major problems as pests and vectors of disease to plants and other animals.

Researchers from the School of Biological Sciences and the South Australian Museum work together on a range of research projects relating to the systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography of terrestrial and groundwater associated arthropods. 

Our research involves field work to locations across the continent, complemented by laboratory-based molecular and morphological studies using the latest techniques.

Honours projects in this area include:

  • Systematics and evolution of parasitic wasps
  • Evolution and phylogeography of subterranean beetles and crustaceans
  • Using eDNA for monitoring the diversity of groundwater invertebrates
  • Systematics and host plant relationships of lerp insects
  • Systematics and biology of spiders

For an insight into our day-to-day activities see our twitter page: @DNAthropods


Research areaEvolution and systematics of arthropods

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Evolution and Palaeobiology

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