Improving survival of new born piglets & sow performance

This project aims to increase the reproductive output of sows by increasing piglet survival using supplementary nutritional strategies in late gestation.

New born piglets often fail to thrive immediately after birth. This can be caused either by adverse conditions experienced during parturition, or by inappropriate nutrition during the final stages of gestation.

In addition to affecting fetal development, late gestation feeding can also affect sow performance during lactation and return to reproductive function post-weaning.

Key methodology: Feeding specific compounds / amino acids to sows in late gestation (last three weeks) and determining effects on piglet characteristics and survival immediately after birth through to weaning, as well sow lactation performance and interval from weaning to oestrus.

Will van Wettere


Dr Will Van Wettere

Research area: Production animal health

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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