Resolving the taxonomic status of bandicoots and gliders for conservation management

Apply molecular techniques to study the population genetic structure and phylogeography of either bandicoots (genus Isoodon) or marsupial glider species (genus Petaurus).

Marsupial glider research

Brisbane City Council [CC BY 2.0]

The results of this research project will have important implications for assessing the taxonomic status of different populations in southern and northern Australia and hence inform future conservation management of these species, many of which have suffered serious declines in population size.

An honours project here would involve wet lab procedures such as DNA extractions, PCR amplification and DNA sequencing. It may also involve the application of next generation sequencing analyses / bioinformatics.

Potential applicants should preferably have a background in molecular genetics, population genetics and phylogenetics; and also be self-motivated and capable of working relatively independently.


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