What's the best diet for a zebrafish?

Using natural diet information and experimentation, this project aims to develop diet recipes for a variety of life stages of zebrafish.

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are held in their millions in research tanks around the world. There are a range of commercial diets available for the fish, based upon ‘best fit’ from other species similar to zebrafish. There is demand from the colony managers to have appropriate feeds available for all life stages of the fish.


Key methodology: 

  • Data analysis of natural diet composition will be undertaken to guide the development of commercial diets. This information will be attained from literature and /or GIT content analysis from native sourced fish and pond captive fish.
  • Analysis of preferred species consumption will be undertaken.
  • Biochemical analysis of content meal will be undertaken and then ration formulation form known commercial ingredients.
  • Diets will then be assessed by feeding age groups over time with growth and survival measurements being taken.
Stephen Pyecroft


Dr Stephen Pyecroft

Research area: Pathobiology, infectious disease and public health

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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