First Aid Updates


Picture shows a defibrillator machine and the first aid box

The Faculty has invested in defibrillators for almost all buildings on North Terrace occupied by ECMS, to provide a greater chance of survival if someone suffers a cardiac arrest. We now have defibrillators co-located with After-Hours First Aid kits in the following locations:

  • Ingkarni Wardli - next to drinking fountain near Aroma Cafe
  • Engineering Maths - in entrance foyer opposite lifts
  • Santos Petroleum Engineering - in entrance foyer
  • Engineering North - inside northern central entrance, outside the ECMS Store NG33
  • Engineering South - inside the northern entrance lobby, near the lifts


After-hours first aid kits

After-hours first aid kits are located with the defibrillators listed above.

A kit also exists on the bridge between Engineering North Level 2 and Engineering Annexe Level 3.

Reminder: The after-hours first aid kits located in these same areas are only for use when first aid hubs are closed (i.e. after hours) and when an injury is more serious than just requiring a band-aid from the nearest band-aid box.


Three helpful phone apps

We recommend all staff members and students install the following three free apps on their phone. These are helpful at work or at home and especially for those going on off-campus activities. 

  1. Emergency+
    This app gives you instant access to emergency services numbers and shows your current GPS location for you to tell the 000 operator. It also has phone numbers for SES, Poisons Information, Health Direct, Crime Stoppers and other useful information.
    Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  2. First Aid-Australian Red Cross
    This app explains the correct first aid treatment for a wide variety of injuries and is guided by clear pictures on how to provide assistance.
    Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  3. EHS Manager 360
    The simplest way to report an incident or hazard while on campus. Reporting these things will help us fix the underlying issue and prevent someone else being injured.
    Download here.


Do I need to report first aid treatment or near misses?


Any work-related injuries (or 'near misses') must be reported using either the

This is to ensure any potentially hazardous situations can be rectified before they cause a more serious accident for someone else. Your co-operation in reporting all incidents or hazardous situations is appreciated.

Reminder: Band-aid boxes should only be used for minor, non-work related injuries, or trivial work issues which could not have been more serious (e.g. paper cut), and were not caused by a failure of University plant or systems.


More information

Please visit the website for more information or email


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