New PhD opportunities in environmental remote sensing

Remote Sensing

New environmental remote sensing PhD opportunities are currently available working with researchers from our School of Biological Sciences and the CSIRO.

Supervised by leaders in the field of remote sensing, the following higher degree by research opportunities are available for domestic students and are also eligible for the Australian Government Research Training Program Stipends (RTPS).

Remote sensing of ecosystem function

This PhD will investigate temporal physiological behaviour of key floodplain tree species in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

The research will address an issue of national importance and inform future management of environmental water. Collection of key ecophysiological parameters include water potential, stomatal conductance, sap flow, leaf area index as well as isotope sample collection and result analysis. 

Results will inform a spatial productivity model, to enable determination of climate change impacts on vegetation persistence and environmental flow requirements. 

The ideal candidate will have a background in environmental sciences/biology or engineering with good oral and written communication skills and must enjoy field work and travel. Opportunities exist for international exchange.


Novel national radar detection of groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs)

Groundwater extraction will increase as finite surface water resources exceed extraction limits. GDEs are at increasing risk of disconnection as groundwater drawdown exceeds plant abilities to produce deep roots to support surface ecosystems, directly impacting often unique biodiversity values. 

Temporal radar detection of GDEs will rapidly and economically identify GDEs and provide insight to their groundwater requirements, leading to increased mitigation planning associated with industrial extraction of groundwater (i.e. mining). Results will underpin the next generation GDE data provided in the GDE Atlas.


Online applications for PhD stipends (RPTS) are now open. In addition to the stipend payment through Adelaide University, CSIRO offers top-up scholarships of $7,000 per annum plus a generous research and travel allocation for two students with an interest in environmental remote sensing. 


These PhD projects are under the joint supervision of:

If you are interested in one of these two projects and believe that you may qualify for an Australian RPTS stipend, contact the supervisors at and/or

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