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Join Dassault Systèmes Challenges, show-off your talents and level-up your skills!

Dassault Systèmes is proud to help people from all over the world compete in international challenges. They sponsor and organise major competitions where students are asked to design humanoid robots, electric-powered submarines, solar racecars, next-generation drones and even space shuttles!

Today, it’s your turn to engage in changing the world by competing with others in high-end challenges.

Challenges such as the Sustainability Challenge, where you're invited to build a better world and win great prizes!

About the Sustainability Challenge:

Students care about the planet. They’re constantly coming up with innovative green designs and we want to showcase their passionate work. That’s why we created The Sustainability Challenge: a competition where students create designs to reduce plastic to make a better world.

There are three different categories: 

  1. Streamline: transform a product shape to use less plastic
  2. Remake: use an everyday plastic product and remake it
  3. Link: build or optimise a physical + social network to increase rate of repair, secondary use, and recycling for a product

We’ve got all sorts of high-tech prizes and one grand winner will head to Monaco Ocean Week 2020 to present their project.

To participate, students need to visit our website and select a category for the competition. They will receive a 3DEXPERIENCE platform license for the challenge along with access to a dedicated dashboard for team collaboration and support. 

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Click the link below to find out how you can get involved:

Visit the website for the full list of challenges

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