ECMS researchers recognised by The Australian


Congratulations to the ECMS researchers who have been named in The Australian's special report on Research.

Early Achievers Leaderboard
Rising stars

This list is comprised of Australia’s top 40 researchers who are less than 10 years into their careers.

Australian Xiaguang

Dr Xiaoguang Duan

Dr. Duan has been dedicated to seeking feasible applications of nanomaterials in environmental remediation and facilitating mechanistic insights into carbocatalysis with advanced protocols

His research areas include:

  • Heterogeneous and green catalysis
  • Environmental remediation and advanced oxidation
  • Development of functional materials and nanotechnology
  • Solar-energy utilization
  • Theoretical calculation
Australian Yan

Dr Yan Jiao

Dr Jiao's research aims to design catalyst materials for the production and utilisation of clean fuels that do not pollute our planet; these fuels include

  • hydrogen
  • hydrocarbon
  • green ammonia

Using hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen as energy carriers, correspondingly, these fuels could be generated from renewable sources (such as wind or solar). 

Australian Mergen

Dr Mergen Ghayesh

Dr Ghayesh's researches the applications of Dynamics, Vibrations, and Control:

  • Biomechanical Analysis of Cardiovascular Systems for Heart Attack Prediction
  • Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies for Performance Enhancement of Micro-Machines and Nano-Machines
  • Sustainable Engineering and Renewable Energy: Wave Energy Converters and Vibration-based Energy-Harvesters
  • Biomedical Robotics (Robot Assisted Physical Rehabilitation)
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction Behaviour of Mechanical Systems
  • Systems Made of Smart Materials
  • Motion control of Mechanical Systems

Congratulations again to our talented researchers.

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Lifetime Achievement Leaderboard
Stars of research

Our ECMS researchers are amongst Australia’s top 40 researchers.


Professor Shizhang Qiao

Dr Qiao's research interests include synthesis and characterisation of nanoporous materials and nanoparticles as well as their applications in catalysis, drug and gene delivery, energy storage and conversion (fuel cell, lithium ion battery, supercapacitor and photocatalysis).

He has co-authored more than 370 papers in refereed journals, has filed three patents on novel nanomaterials and attracted more than 11 million dollars in research grants from industrial partners and Australian Research Council (ARC).

Australian Peng

Professor Peng Shi

Professor Shi, from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a mathematician and systems engineer, with research interests in the areas of systems and control theory, and computational intelligence. 

He is considered one of the world's 'hottest researchers', with his papers rapidly accruing citations all over the world, in particular, his papers on the control of dynamic systems. 

Congratulations again to Dr Qiao and Professor Shi.

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Professor Shaobin Wang has been listed as a leader in the field of Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis and Dispersion Chemistry.

Dr Togay Ozbakkalogu has been listed a leader in the field of Civil Engineering

Professor Anton Van Den Hengel has been listed as a leader in the field of Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition.

Dr Anthony Dick has been listed as a leader in the field of Databases & Information Systems.

Dr Morteza Saberi has been listed as a leader in the field of Evolutionary Computation.


Congratulations to all of our fantastic researchers.

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