Ingenuity 2019: Project spotlight

Meet Dannion, Josh, Jeet and Daniel. For their Ingenuity 2019 project, they are developing an autonomous underwater vehicle.

"The brief for our project was to design and build an autonomous, biologically inspired underwater vehicle. We built a vehicle which has a propulsion mechanism based on a cuttlefish that can be used across multiple applications - whether that's in defence or marine surveillance or research. The platform can perform a number of missions which conventional propeller driver AUVs cannot⁠ - it can move into tighter spaces, outlast with battery life and is much more manoeuvrable."

"At the moment, we're moving more toward the research space and ocean floor and reef mapping. With scuba divers only able to safely dive to 15-20m, we struggle to map much deeper - our vehicle opens up this possibility while also making the process much safer. By allowing researchers to capture data in a highly complex environment through our vehicle, we can help with conservation efforts of eco-systems like the Great Barrier Reef."

"Working together with a group of like-minded people who are moving toward a common goal of creating something new and seeing the engineering process come to life has been pretty cool. We all have different specialities: aerospace, engineering, finance, computer science and mechanical engineering - making us a highly interdisciplinary team. It's been great to pool our skills together from each of our degrees onto one application."

Dannion, Josh, Jeet and Daniel are not only featuring their AUV at Ingenuity 2019, but will also be competing in the Ericsson Innovation Awards. They are currently in the top 15 in the semi-finals from 2,000 entries - and the only team from Australia to get that far. We wish them all the best!

Head along and have a chat with the team to find out more! 

Ingenuity 2019

Date: Thursday 31 October
Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm
Location: Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace

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