Student profile: Master of Property student combines degree with social media for business opportunity

Gersende de Maille is a current Master of Property student who is utilising her degree, combined with social media, to develop her own business.

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Parisian company L’Immobilière d’Ile de France, with their smart-housing campaign developed by Gersende de Maille.

When did you start your degree and when will you be graduating?

I am currently studying a Master of Property. I started mid-year 2018 and I will finish in June 2020. 

How are you enjoying the degree, and what inspired you to start your own business?

I worked as a project manager in Paris for 3 years, before moving to Adelaide after deciding to travel to Australia for a year to learn English. I choose Adelaide because I was working in Barossa Valley and I really enjoyed South Australia. After my first year, I wanted to continue improving my skills in English and also began my degree.

I enjoy this degree because it opens my mind to new job opportunities in the property industry and it helps me to improve my skills in marketing and finance. Moreover, it shows me innovative tools to improve the current property market. 

Part of the subject "Property Research and Marketing" was to create a marketing campaign for development. For this project, I choose to create an Instagram campaign, and my teacher was really pleased with my work. I enjoyed working on this project and realised that currently, in France, property developers don’t use Instagram as part of their marketing campaigns. For this reason, I decided to start my business.

Can you please tell us a little bit more about your business?

With my new business, I am in charge of Instagram marketing for property developers in France. I create a campaign for individual development to promote the property, increase the visibility and increase the interest of the target to encourage purchases. It is my responsibility to find subjects and graphic design which will attract the target. 

For the moment, I have a client in Paris (L’Immobilière d’Ile de France) and I am looking after their Instagram marketing for a development called Axe Sud

Sometimes I feel it can be a little overwhelming but in the end, it will be good experience for my future career. 

Do you have any advice to other students who may be considering doing the Master of Property and considering starting their own business?

The Master of Property teaches you a modern and innovative way to work in property. Furthermore, we have an overview of complementary jobs available in the property industry (property development, project manager, valuation and asset management). 

If you have an idea, just do a lot of research. When you have found enough information about what you want to do (your target, the demand and supply): go for it.

Don't hesitate and wonder, "will I be any good, can I manage to run a business? What will happen if I have difficulty to deliver my service?"

All these problems will find a solution when needed. Believe in your idea and go for it! Don’t be scared that people won’t want your service. Even if it doesn't work, it will be a valuable experience. 

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