Congratulations to our graduates from the Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources

Graduation scroll tied with a red ribbon

Completing your studies is a time to celebrate, reminisce and look to the future.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has impacted formal celebrations this month, however the School and Faculty staff are extremely proud of your achievements.

Hear from Dr Kathryn Amos, Head of School, and Maria Gonzalez, Melissa Smithen, Dr Abbas Zeinijahromi, Dr Mark Bunch, Prof Steve Begg, Prof Pavel Bedrikovetski, A/Prof Manouchehr Haghighi and Prof Michael Goodsite:

We wish to extend our warmest congratulations to our new Petroleum and Energy Resources Alumni:

  • Sam Abdu, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Jonghyeok Ahn, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Abdul Rahman Abdullah S Al Hooti, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Ayman Mohammed Khalifa M Al Nasseri, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Ghadeer Saif Abdullah Al Rawahi, M Sc (Petrol Geosc)
  • Muhammad Saqib Ali, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Abdullah Al-Sarihi, Ph D (Proc & Res E)
  • Paul Alvaro, B E (Petrol & Chem) (Hons)
  • Khizr Amir, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Ian Begg, B E (Petrol) (Hons) / B Sc
  • Larissa Boechat Chequer, Ph D (Proc & Res E)
  • Alvin Chin, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Ben Collins, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Shae Daniel, B E (Petrol & Mining) (Hons)
  • Gabriel de Veiga Cabral Malgaresi, Ph D (Proc & Res E)
  • Michael Dell'Antonio, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Ala'A Hijazi, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Abdallah Ismail, B E (Petrol & Chem) (Hons)
  • Ivano Ivano, M Sc (Petrol Geosc)
  • Joshua Johnston, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Astri Deliana Kamila, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Rangga Kusuma, B E (Petrol) (Hons) / B Sc
  • Wee Jet Leo, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Sophia Li, B E (Petrol & Mining) (Hons)
  • Reece Lindsay, B E (Petrol & Mech) (Hons)
  • Grace Ming Yin Loi, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Daniel Mynhart, B E (Petrol & Chem) (Hons)
  • Dharsh Navaratnam, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • David Newman, Ph D (Proc & Res E)
  • Cuong Nguyen Cao, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Adam Noyce, M Petrol E
  • Jordan Preiss, B E (Petrol, Civil & Struct) (Hons)
  • Tahsin Aziz Rownak, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Robert Rudd, M Sc (Petrol Geosc)
  • Aldi Smokaj, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Henry Tiang, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Hoang Thanh Tran, B E (Petrol) (Hons)
  • Nhat Truong, B E (Petrol & Mining) (Hons)
  • Marat Valiyev, M Sc (Petrol Geosc)
  • Poh Wan Yim, M Petrol E
  • Fayzan Zafar, B E (Petrol, Civil & Struct) (Hons)
  • Adam Zanardo, B E (Petrol & Mining) (Hons)

Before you go...

As we can't celebrate graduating with you, why don't you show us? Share your pictures or videos to Instagram or Twitter using #ECMSInIso, don't forget to tag us using @ecms.uofa and @ecms_uofa respectively. Alternatively, you can post a photo reply in the comments section of our Facebook post. All entries will automatically go in to a draw for a $100 JB HiFi voucher.

We have also created a short survey - we would love to hear your thoughts on keeping in contact with the University now that you are an alum. 

The survey and competition will close at 5pm Friday 12 June.

Thank you, and congratulations again!

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