Congratulations to our graduates from the School of Architecture and Built Environment

Graduation scroll tied with a red ribbon

Completing your studies is a time to celebrate, reminisce and look to the future.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has impacted formal celebrations this month, however the School and Faculty staff are extremely proud of your achievements.

Hear from Professor Alan Peters, Dean and Head of School, and Prof Jian Zuo and Dr Katherine Bartsch:

We wish to extend our warmest congratulations to our new Architecture and Built Environment Alumni:

  • Karan Adalja, M Construction Mgmt
  • Hugh Adare, B Arch Des
  • Syarita Amalasari, M Arch
  • Fereshteh Asadollahi, B Arch Des
  • Isabella Bails, B Arch Des
  • Tyler Bampton, B Arch Des
  • Ellen Bird, B Arch Des
  • Margherita Buselli, B Arch Des
  • Spencer Caon, B Arch Des
  • Junlong Chen, B Arch Des
  • Xinyu Chen, B Arch Des
  • Qi Chen, B Arch Des
  • Emily Clarke, B Arch Des
  • Wu Cong, B Arch Des
  • Yucheng Dai, B Arch Des
  • Mykaela Dearinger, B Arch Des
  • James Douglas-Hill, B Arch Des
  • Connor Dyer, B Arch Des
  • James Eid, B Arch Des
  • Minghao Fan, M Land Arch
  • Yingjie Feng, B Arch Des
  • Jieyu Feng, B Arch Des
  • Liam Fitzgerald, B Arch Des
  • Samuel Foo, B Arch Des
  • Harrison Gale, B Arch Des
  • Yu Gan, B Arch Des
  • Chenyi Gao, B Arch Des
  • Minxi Han, B Arch Des
  • Yubin Han, M Land Arch
  • Austin Hardcastle, B Arch Des
  • Xiaohang He, M Land Arch
  • Xinyuan Hou, M Land Arch
  • Chenwen Hu, M Land Arch
  • Huilin Huang, M Planning (Urban Des)
  • Razeia Jawid, B Arch Des
  • Azadeh Kazeranizadeh, M Arch
  • Zvikomborero Kutsanzira, B Arch Des
  • Tung Xuan Le, M Arch
  • Janice Juen Yung Lee, M Arch
  • Yuqiang Li, B Arch Des
  • Xiaojia Li, B Arch Des
  • Ang Li, B Arch Des
  • Jinglun Li, M Land Arch
  • Aiqian Liang, B Arch Des
  • Tongyu Liu, B Arch Des
  • Mingming Liu, B Arch Des
  • Hanzhi Liu, B Arch Des
  • Hengjia Liu, B Arch Des
  • Yang Liu, M Arch
  • Di Liu, M Arch
  • Yawei Liu, M Planning (Urban Des)
  • Xiao Liu, M Property
  • Chang Liu, M Land Arch
  • Kefang Lu, M Arch
  • Sai Luo, M Land Arch
  • Jackson Matthews, B Arch Des
  • Conor McClure, B Arch Des
  • Armin Mehdipour, Ph D (Arch)
  • Kevin Miller, B Arch Des
  • Minh An Thuy Nguyen, B Arch Des
  • Khoa Tan Nguyen, M Land Arch
  • Jiayu Niu, M Land Arch
  • Jann Okuma, M Planning
  • Reilly O'Loughlin, B Arch Des
  • Fatima Omanovic, M Arch
  • Edward Omondi, B Arch Des
  • Mohammad Qamar, B Arch Des
  • Pengfei Qiu, B Arch Des
  • Elmira Ranjbar, B Arch Des
  • Jifang Ren, M Arch
  • Darcy Richardson, B Arch Des
  • Rachael Roberts, B Arch Des
  • Nur Razana Binte Rozali, B Arch Des
  • Renae Schulz, B Arch Des
  • Logan Smith, B Arch Des
  • Wuwei Song, M Land Arch
  • Jiayin Song, M Land Arch
  • Ye Sun, M Land Arch
  • Yuying Sun, M Land Arch
  • Xin Tan, M Property
  • James Jia Chuen Tay, M Arch
  • Sin Hong Vincent Tee, B Arch Des
  • Nicholas Thwaites, B Arch Des
  • Hong Ming To, B Arch Des
  • Braeden Townsend, B Arch Des
  • Rosaria Tripodi, B Arch Des
  • Yujia Wang, B Arch Des
  • Chongming Wang, B Arch Des
  • Qihui Wang, M Land Arch
  • Kuo Wang, M Land Arch
  • Lanxuan Wen, M Land Arch
  • Jingjie Wu, M Arch
  • Yiqian Wu, M Arch
  • Siyue Wu, M Land Arch
  • Zhengbo Wu, M Land Arch
  • Jianyi Xu, B Arch Des
  • Zhongtian Xu, M Arch
  • Tianhong Yan, M Land Arch
  • Ziqing Ye, B Arch Des
  • Venkata Nandan Reddy Yeruva,
    M Construction Mgmt
  • Zihan Yin, M Land Arch
  • Zhidi Yu, M Land Arch
  • Jingde Yuan, M Property
  • Christie Zerk, B Arch Des
  • Wenting Zhang, B Arch Des
  • Erya Zhang, M Arch
  • Shujing Zhao, M Property
  • Jie Zheng, B Arch Des
  • Yangeng Zhou, M Land Arch
  • Weiyi Zhu, M Property
  • Shu Zhu, M Land Arch

Before you go...

As we can't celebrate graduating with you, why don't you show us? Share your pictures or videos to Instagram or Twitter  using #ECMSInIso, don't forget to tag us using @ecms.uofa and @ecms_uofa respectively. Alternatively, you can post a photo reply in the comments section of our Facebook post. All entries will automatically go in to a draw for a $100 JB HiFi voucher.

We have also created a short survey - we would love to hear your thoughts on keeping in contact with the University now that you are an alum. 

The survey and competition will close at 5pm Friday 12 June.

Thank you, and congratulations again!

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