Congratulations to our graduates from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Graduation scroll tied with a red ribbon

Completing your studies is a time to celebrate, reminisce and look to the future.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has impacted formal celebrations this month, however the School and Faculty staff are extremely proud of your achievements.

Hear from Dr Wen Soong, Head of School, A/Prof Brian Ng, Prof Peng Shi, Prof Cheng-Chew Lim and Dr Andrew Allison:

We wish to extend our warmest congratulations to our new Electrical and Electronic Engineering Alumni:

  • Karthik Allipur, M E (Electronic)
  • Allen Joshy Antony Inbaraj, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Shenghan Bao, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Mike Tanggie Bilang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Jared Bouchier, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Georgia Castignani, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Chang Zing Chai, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Sian Chen, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Anthony Corbo, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Jayden Crossing, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Shuting Dai, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Keilah David, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Da Di, M E (Elec)
  • Guang Du, BE(Honours)(Tele) with BFin
  • Sarah Eather, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Paul Elson, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • James Feeney, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Sean Chris Fernandes, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Liam Flaherty, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Lachlan Glynn, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Bryan Goh, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Eleanor Harrihill, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Yanying He, M E (Elec)
  • Christy He, M E (Elec)
  • Sam Henderson, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Sam Jordan, B E (E&E-Sustainable Energy) (Hons)
  • Nikko Mugweru Kahindi, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Qinghua Li, M E (Elec)
  • Dianfei Li, M E (Elec)
  • Jinghua Li, M E (Electronic)
  • Zhiying Lin, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Yuxiang Lin, M E (Elec)
  • Jorge Lopez Fernandez, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Jason Lu, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Xujun Lu, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Seyed-Ali Malakooti, Ph D (Electrical & Electronic E)
  • Tharidu Maliduwa Arachchige, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Alexander Manariotis, BE(Honours)(Tele) with BMCSci
  • Brady Martin, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Jacob McCarthy, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • David McDonough, BE(Hons)(CompSys) with BMaCSci
  • Ganesh Methra, M E (Electronic)
  • Jake Miller, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Yasin Mohammadi, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • George Mwangi, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Luke Nicholls, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Michael Njeru, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Steven Oag, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Jan Pang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Daniel Perilli, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Haozhi Qian, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Dave Rattan, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Matt Reynolds, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Muhammad Rosdi, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Wassim Saad, B E (E&E-Sustainable Energy) (Hons)
  • Michael Sadler, B E (Comp Sys) (Hons)
  • Sobhan Salari Shahrbabaki, Ph D (Electrical & Electronic E)
  • Qiao Sang, M E (Electronic)
  • Vaibhav Sekhar, BE(Honours)(CompSys) with BFin
  • Ashley Seroka, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Nooragha Sharifi, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Stefan Smiljanic, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Giselle Stutzer, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Jimmy Tang, BE(Hons)(CompSys) with BMaCSci
  • Matthew Theiley, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BMaCSci
  • Ellen Margaret Thomas, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Charlie Tran, BE(Honours)(E&E) with BFin
  • Isaiah Turner, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Artem Vasilyev, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Kayla Wahlstrom, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Peter Wang, B E (Comp Sys) (Hons)
  • Dehong Wang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Kai Yang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Fan Yang, M E (Electronic)
  • Yuhao Zhang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Zeyu Zhang, B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
  • Alex Zhang, M E (Elec)
  • Yafei Zhao, M E (Electronic)
  • Zhongyi Zou, M E (Elec)

Before you go...

As we can't celebrate graduating with you, why don't you show us? Share your pictures or videos to Instagram or Twitter using #ECMSInIso, don't forget to tag us using @ecms.uofa and @ecms_uofa respectively. Alternatively, you can post a photo reply in the comments section of our Facebook post. All entries will automatically go in to a draw for a $100 JB HiFi voucher.

We have also created a short survey - we would love to hear your thoughts on keeping in contact with the University now that you are an alum. 

The survey and competition will close at 5pm Friday 12 June.

Thank you, and congratulations again!

Terms and conditions apply.

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