Acoustic attraction of oysters: Restoring oyster reefs

Dolphins Lady Bay Fieldwork, courtesy Sam Langholz

Lady Bay dolphins, courtesy Sam Langholz,

Do oysters listen to Pearl Jam? Or do they prefer Blue Oyster Cult?

Researchers in the School of Biological Sciences and the Environment Institute are involved in the building of a 20ha artificial shellfish reef near Ardrossan. The restoration project in Gulf St Vincent aims to pull our native mud oyster back from the brink of extinction in the wild and restore a forgotten ecosystem that once teemed with marine life.

We are looking for a student to complete an honours project that explores what natural underwater sounds help oyster larvae navigate to newly built oyster reefs. You will show which sounds attract what kinds of marine life and what the ecological consequences are for restoration.

The outcome will be an iTunes library of sounds made available for reef restoration projects around the world.

Oyster Reef Video  Scientists dive deep to save sinking oyster population


Sean Connell researcher photo


Professor Sean Connell

Co-supervisorDr Dominic McAfee

Research area: Save our oceans - wildlife & restoration ecology

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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