KPMG Foundations Program

Build you career with KPMG, starting with the Foundations Program.


The program allows you to explore endless career possibilities in a 2-hour insight session designed to provide you with the knowledge to make the right career choices.

Foundations Week is open to students from any degree discipline and is a great opportunity for you to get the chance to find out more about what we do, the different career choices available and how to nail your application to our Graduate and Vacation programs. You will have the opportunity to learn from our industry experts, current graduates, learn more about KPMG and participate in a number of sessions to help you understand what life at KPMG has to offer.

Foundations Week will run from 19 – 22 October to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of KPMG.

They will have the opportunity to apply to one of the following Foundation Programs:

  • 19 October: KPMG Audit & Finance Consulting Foundations
  • 20 October: KPMG Tax Consulting & Compliance Foundations
  • 21 October: KPMG General Foundations 
  • 22 October: KPMG STEM Foundations

Applications close Friday 25 September.

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