Lab2Lab grant awarded to UofA researcher

Associate Professor Mathias Baumert from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, in collaboration with Professor Hagen Malberg and Dr Martin Schmidt (Dresden), were awarded a Lab2Lab grant by the Graduate Academy of Technical University Dresden, one of Germany's top universities for engineering.


A schematic of an electrocardiogram processing technology that was previously developed through the collaboration between Technical University Dresden and the University of Adelaide.

The Graduate Academy funding program Lab2Lab supports the exchange and lively collaboration of early career researchers based on the cooperation of international working groups (AGs).

The aim is to combine the achievement of intercultural skills and international experience with scientific competence enhancement, know-how transfer, the opportunity for international networking and career planning.

The grant will be of great importance to help foster the joint research on innovative technologies for diagnosing cardiovascular disease using novel biomedical signal processing approached and machine learning.

About A/Prof Mathias Baumert

Associate Professor Mathias Baumert is the Health Technology research theme leader at the School of Electrical Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide. He is an expert in biomedical signal processing with focus on dynamic electrocardiography and sleep research.

Mathias is currently involved in studies investigating the beat-to-beat variability of ventricular repolarization, its physiological underpinnings and clinical research applications. In addition, he explores signal processing approaches for characterizing sleep related phenomena to derive diagnostic markers for sleep disordered breathing.

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