PhD opportunity: Create a platform to test smart grid operation mechanisms

The “Flexibility Aggregator Simulation Platform (FRESNO)” is a research project that is designed to create a platform to simulate, test and verify advanced smart grid operation mechanisms at the distribution level.

Electric Car

It is a revolutionary platform that is hoped to facilitate larger amounts of renewable integration into the grid and provides a secure environment for larger adoption of electric vehicles. Three major research problems are identified in collaboration with SEAS-NVE to develop the first version of FRESNO. The three projects will be conducted simultaneously and in close collaboration with each other. 


This project aims to develop, test, and verify the impacts of local markets on the operation, profit and business model of the aggregator. To that end, the game theory will be used to form the interaction between prosumers, local market platform and the aggregator operation considering the potential of islanded operation as a business case for the aggregator. Cooperative and non-cooperative games will be explored to investigate the impact of the local market operation on the flexibility of prosumers in connection with the aggregator. 

The successful applicant may receive a scholarship of approximately $38,092 tax free per annum. This consists of a University funded Research Training Program Scholarship of $28,092 per annum (2020 rate), alongside an Industry Partner Scholarship of $10,000 per annum. 

How to apply

Applications are open until filled (disregard dates on the application page).

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