Muscular anatomy of rabbits and hares

European rabbits by CSIRO

European rabbits by CSIRO

Hopping vs running: Explore the comparative muscular architecture of rabbits and hares.

Challenge yourself to research the specialist muscular architecture of the rabbit and hare to understand how an animal adapts to hopping or fast, cursorial running.

Two projects are available to 'hop into' or 'run with'...

  1. The forelimb of rabbits and hares – a stabilising system.
  2. The hindlimb of rabbits and hares – a force-generating system.

These projects will hone your dissection skills to make precise, quantitative comparisons of limb anatomy in two species with different modes of locomotion. This project will be spread across Roseworthy and North Terrace campuses.


Dr Emma Sherratt


Dr Emma Sherratt

Co-supervisor: Dr Rachel Norris - School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research area: Quantitative Morphology Group, School of Biological Sciences

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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