Uni of Adelaide on the hunt for emerging scientific leaders

Plant scientist Waite campus

The University of Adelaide is searching for two emerging scientific leaders for its prestigious Ramsay Fellowships.

The Faculty of Sciences is now calling for applications from outstanding early-career researchers who have demonstrated significant potential research in their early postdoctoral years.

The Ramsay Fellowship was established in 2008 with a significant bequest from the Ramsay family to support outstanding young Australian scientists and enhance their potential as future scientific leaders. The four-year fellowships encourage Australian scientists working overseas to return home.

Current Ramsay Fellow Dr Fiona Whelan is using her expertise in protein engineering to harness the natural sensing ability of bacteria with the potential for application as biosensors in diverse industries such as medical diagnostics, food security, biomonitoring and bioremediation.

Meanwhile, Dr James Quach is working on building the world's fastest charging battery by harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics.

Applications for the fellowships are open until 30 May 2021.

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