Photonics COVID-19 project awarded funding by Australia-India Strategic Research Fund

Congratulations to Dr Abel Santos and his project team, whose project "Photonic Viropsy: Harnessing light on chip for precise SARS–CoV–2 diagnosis" has been awarded funding by the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund.

Photonic research team

Dr Abel Santos and his project team, Cheryl Suwen Law, Siew Yee Lim, Marijana Markovic, Satyathiran Gunenthiran, Juan Wang, and Huong Nguyen Que Tran.

Progress in nanotechnology is enabling analytical tools capable of unlocking the powerful information encoded in biological fluids.

Harnessing such precious information will be critical to enabling breakthroughs in the understanding and control of present and future pandemics.

The project will tailor and validate a mature yet cutting-edge sensing technology specifically for integrated, precise detection and quantification of SARS–CoV–2. This will allow deep insights into how concentrations and molecular profiles of this virus in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients are associated with the uncontrolled spread of this deadly disease – with significant benefits for addressing current and future pandemic threats to our society.

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