Sheep Pain Mitigation Trial

Professor Mark Hutchinson with a sheep

Join a team of researchers for an honours project that forms part of a larger trial investigating the experience of pain in sheep.

The current focus is to identify and measure pain associated with common husbandry and management practices. We will use a variety of measures including behavioural observation, behavioural testing and blood testing to identify peripheral biomarkers of pain.

The honours project will involve video analysis of behaviour in lambs following handling, tail docking, and/or castration on the day of treatment; four weeks later; and again at 5-11 months.

You will work and collaborate with a team of researchers from several areas including veterinary science, biomedical science, neuroscience and immunology. There is scope to develop behavioural observation tools and get involved in data collection. 

This project will provide insight into the observable behavioural changes associated with acute and chronic pain in sheep following routine husbandry practices.

The overarching aim of the research is to develop accurate diagnostic methods and objective measurements of pain, which will allow the development of targeted treatments and management solutions to improve the welfare and production outcomes of sheep.


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