Students design humanitarian architectural solutions: Ho Man Ku

Bachelor of Architectural Design students are designing housing solutions for neurodiversity, cultural and social differences.

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The challenges of 2020 saw the Humanitarian Architecture Travelling Studio (HATS) program pivot to continue to provide a cultural and humanitarian design experience, without its traditional international component. The program in the School of Architecture and Built Environment instead worked with local South Australian partners to deliver a humanitarian design experience, with students designing and developing responses for South Australians at risk of homelessness, and responding to needs of different local sub-cultures and neurodiversity.

Bachelor of Architectural Design student Ho Man Ku's response repurposed an old hotel in Port Adelaide, and transformed it into a co-living house for young adults.

"I decided to call my design ‘Lighthouse’ because it can direct young adults to a healthy future. By being refurbished, the old hotel transforms into a co-living house, reinvigorating a neglected building. Incorporating plant life and nature, pastel colours, and sunlight will recreate a home surrounding that will help its residents feel safe and secure. Also, incorporating spaces for creativity, like painting, woodwork, and music to help create a safe and expressive environment that helps their mental health." Ho Man said.

Check out his poster and concept below.

About Ho Man

Why did you choose a Bachelor of Architectural Design?

Architectural design is an interesting subject it can satisfy my creation and passion.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

The University of Adelaide is a top university in South Australia and at the front-ranking of the world. Therefore, I believe this University can be my greatest stepping stone to reach my future career aim.

What was your favourite/most important learning or experience from taking part in the HATS design studio?

Every project in studios is the new opportunity for me to learn more technical skill and design concept.

What are your future career goals once you are qualified?

Being a registered architect is my career aim.

What are your top tips for someone who is considering studying a Bachelor of Architectural Design?

Enjoy it! You will found a lot of fun and excitement while you're working on a project.

Thank you to Ho Man and to Dr Amit Srivastava and Associate Professor Peter Scriver, HATS course coordinators.

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