Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies research scholarships and internships

The summer scholarships at CREST are a great opportunity for talented undergraduate and postgraduate students to work in our large scale research and development software security projects and collaborate with leading researchers in the field.

Computer science student

Are you ready to:

  • work on real-world software security projects?
  • get hands-on experience in research and development?
  • closely work with leading researchers in field?
  • be a part of a highly appreciated summer scholarship program?

The main goal of CREST summer scholarships is to build a talent pipeline of software security engineers. The summer scholarships are full time and typically begin in late November or early December, ranging between 10–12 weeks in length.

The selections for the summer scholarships will be based on academic achievement.

Some projects may require an interview as well. We will try our best to match you with projects based on your preferences and skills.


The projects on offer include:

  • A nudging mechanism for email clients to influence users secure behaviours
  • Human security dashboard
  • Dynamic big data storage solution cluster scaling in hybrid cloud environments
  • Library- and network-level patch impact estimation
  • An Empirical Analysis of Pre- and Post-Release Vulnerabilities
  • Information Security and Trust Management in Collaborating Robots using encrypted communication and blockchain frameworks
  • Ad-hoc network for secure and reliable communication in collaborating robots at the tactical edge
  • Evaluation of the security orchestration, analysis and reporting platform using data from heterogeneous security tools
  • Blockchain Consensus Protocols for Security and Trust at the Edge
  • What lies in the response plan of cybersecurity incidents? An semantic based automated analysis of cybersecurity incident response process
  • Evaluation of Benchmarking Dataset for Data Exfiltration
  • Metadata augmentation of Combat System Maps
  • Police Robots: Facilitating coordination using digital rules of engagement
  • Distributed Decision Making in a Crisis: How can AI help the Emergency Services

See project details here


The scholarships are open to the students enrolled in an Australian University, some projects may have preference for the students enrolled in the University of Adelaide.

You should be available to undertake a full-time placement for 10–12 weeks over the university summer vacation period.

How to apply

You are required to upload your CV and transcripts and specify the project preferences as a part of the application.

You can nominate up to three project preferences.

Applications close 12pm Friday 1 October, 2021.

Submit your application here  Find out more on CareerHub

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