Earn $150 for sharing your opinion on STEM employers

Want to earn $150 for sharing your opinion? It’s that easy!

Focus group

IMC are looking for STEM students graduating in 2021 and 2022 to attend virtual focus groups over the coming weeks to get their opinion on employers, careers available, what makes them attractive and why.

The focus groups will last for approximately 2hrs, with representation across all STEM subjects. Groups will also include participants from several universities across Australia and New Zealand. You will only be required to attend one session, but may be invited back for a final, summary focus group at the end of the research (within 2 weeks of the research starting date).

To allow for open and honest opinion sharing, an independent marketing company, The Noble Agency, will be conducting the research.

No personal details of the participants will be shared with IMC, to ensure anonymity, and all opinions will be aggregated into ‘overarching’ themes, with no direct correlation back to any participant.

How to get involved

To register your interest, please email Noble at research@nobleagency.com.au stating the name of your university, year of graduation and subject of study.

Please note – it is important that all volunteers come to the sessions without prior preparation or research. The essence of the research is to understand ‘general’ awareness, without any curation of knowledge or intel!

Registrations close Monday 1 November 2021.

Register your interest

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