A significant win at the 2021 Water Awards

Wei Zeng wins Hodgson Medal at South Australian Water Awards

This award aims to recognise academic excellence and innovation in student research projects related to the water industry.

Wei Zing in suit, tie and glasses at podium

Dr Wei Zeng was in a very competitive field and was the only student from The University of Adelaide.

His project - High-Resolution Pipe Condition Assessment and Scanning for Water Distribution Systems - addressed water pipe deterioration and water breaks which cause significant problems for water suppliers around the world.

Australia has more than $160 billion worth of urban water assets and according to current asset management practice about half of this needs to be replaced over the coming three decades.

Wei’s research project focused on developing non-invasive, cost-effective, and practical techniques to detect deteriorated pipe sections with a high spatial resolution. The techniques also enable the assessment of the remaining structural condition of deteriorated pipes and thus enable targeted pipe maintenance and rehabilitation.

If adopted, these techniques could drive the evolution of the current reactive management of water distribution systems to proactive and preventative management for water utilities. And this means benefits for us all.

Reduced water loss and pipe bursts equates to a more reliable water supply to every household. In addition, the reduced water loss will mean lower water bills.

Read more about Wei and his work. 

Having won the Hodgson Medal, Wei Zeng will now go on to the National Level of the Competition in 2022 at Ozwater in Brisbane. Congratulations Wei, and good luck!

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