Professors make the list of Australia’s top 250 researchers

Congratulations to Professor Shizhang Qiao and Professor Shaobin Wang for making the list of top Australian researchers

The arrival of COVID-19 has reminded us that research is needed more than ever. The University of Adelaide is incredibly proud that numerous of its researchers are being recognised for the level of excellence in their work and the impact it is having.

Professor Qiao (male) in black jacket, striped tie, glasses, facing camera

Both professors were included in The Australian’s annual Research magazine which provides a roll call of the best researchers and the best research institutions in Australia in 250 individual fields.

Professor Shizhang Qiao, who is Chair of Nanotechnology at the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, was recognised as a top researcher in the field of Chemical & Material Sciences (general).

This is the third year he has been recognised for his work by the magazine. He said is it is a great honour to be listed again and thanked his students and group members for their contributions.

“Our research has a focus on energy conversion and storage. I hope it is beneficial to the production of hydrogen and other fuels, and for real applications in batteries and other energy storage systems,” he said.

You can read more about his work here.

And since this article was first posted, Professor Shizhang has also been named SA Scientist of Year for 2021. What a remarkable achievement. 

Professor Wang (male) in white check shirt looking at camera

Professor Shaobin Wang was named a top researcher in the field of Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis.

When asked about his inclusion he said, “Research is part of my life and I enjoy it.”

Professor Wang obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Queensland, Australia. He is now a Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering here in Adelaide. His research interests focus on nanomaterial synthesis and application for adsorption and catalysis, fuel and energy conversion and environmental remediation. 

The passion of both these professors is clearly paying off.

You can read the full list of top researchers in the article from The Australian.

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