Combining football, finance and STEM

Student in the Spotlight for International Women’s Day: Amy Brooks-Birve

Amy is studying a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences with a Bachelor of Finance. She loved Economics, Maths and Science at school, and says she couldn’t pick a degree that sacrificed one of those areas.

She loves how her choice intertwines things, giving her the chance of good career options in either STEM or Business. Her current job has called on both areas of study already, confirming that the decision was a good one.

Why has she chosen to study STEM?

I love STEM because the field is constantly evolving. New technologies are always emerging thanks to STEM professionals finding solutions to problems from all around the world. I love learning and I love a challenge, and STEM gives you both!

What advice would she give her younger self?

Both school and University taught me that you don’t have to be great at something to enjoy it! If you enjoy it, and put the time in, the results will come, and you will have a great experience in the meantime!

If she could attend a personal or professional training opportunity, what would it be?

I would like opportunities that help me to build a network of professional women in the workforce. Seeing women speak at conferences and events is what motivates me – and I learn and grow both professionally and individually from it. As a long-term goal, I hope that one day I can mentor the next generation of STEM sisters – I got a taste of this as a STEM Ambassador for the University of Adelaide STEM Academy, and it was the best!

What is something in her life that she is proud to have achieved?

I am extremely proud of my ability to balance multiple things in my life, including the dedication I give to football, my degree, work, and my friends and family. I think getting my parchment at the graduation ceremony coming in April will take the cake for this soon!

What does she do in her spare time and what are her favourite hobbies?

I play footy for Sturt, outside of work. It’s a big time-commitment, but I love it! I also love to catch up with friends as much as I can – for coffees or walks.

Keep kicking goals, Amy. Both on and off the field!

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