The right attitude helps launch a career in space

Student in the Spotlight for International Women’s Day: Georgia Dallimore

Georgia is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Aerospace) (Honours) with a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.


She chose this degree because she enjoys problem solving and learning how things work, plus she loves space! Engineering allows her to direct her passion for maths and science towards real-life applications which help improve our daily lives.

With her interests in rocketry and spacecraft, aerospace felt like the right path within engineering and has led to some amazing opportunities within the flourishing space industry here in South Australia.

What does she love about working in STEM?

STEM is a field that rewards curiosity and utilises teamwork to overcome unique challenges while answering some of the biggest questions about our world and beyond. From my experience so far, there is never a dull day!

Working in the space industry has exposed me to incredible processes like designing hardware for extreme environments like the Moon and the journey of satellites from manufacture to launch. I’ve learnt so much from the amazing people who help make this successful!

What advice would she give her younger self about life as a student?

Never doubt your own abilities, and no dream is out of reach!

I was unsure I’d be up to the challenges of engineering at first, but since enrolling I’ve enjoyed the courses and have never looked back. And I never thought working in space would be possible in SA, but it’s amazing how things can change over time. Keeping that goal in the background meant I was ready to leap at a future pathway when the Australian Space Agency and a host of space companies opened Adelaide headquarters.

If she could attend a personal or professional training opportunity, what would it be?

I think it would be to undertake astronaut training! Many astronauts hold qualifications in fields like aerospace engineering, and I would be really interested to see how these skills could apply to working somewhere like the International Space Station, and what it takes to get there.

What is something she is proud to have achieved in her career or life?

Last year I got a job at the Australian Space Discovery Centre, working as a Space Communicator, to inspire the public about pursuing careers in this sector. This has been the absolute highlight of my career so far.

I am also an intern at Fleet Space Technologies and get to use my current engineering skills for some fascinating projects. Working at both places has been a dream since high school, and I can’t believe it’s my reality now!

Taking part in the Australian Rover Challenge is my University highlight so far, and I am incredibly proud of what our team has achieved.

What does she do in her spare time and how does she like to unwind?

Outside of engineering I have a passion for music, and love playing the violin or electric guitar to unwind. My other favourite things to do include watching classic cult films and maintaining my island on Animal Crossing. I enjoy trying out new hobbies where I can and have recently taken up roller-skating. Someday I’d like to give skiing a go too!



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