Science Education projects available for Honours

Projects to suit students interested in science education, science communication and/or gaining some more qualitative research skills.

Historically, Honours projects related to Science Education and Science Communication in the @AbleLab_UA have focused on a wide range of research areas including the perception of the general public to genetically modified crops; why high school students choose particular degrees at University; career pathways in agriculture; curriculum mapping and alignment with assessment; the co-creation of assessment between students and staff; international student perceptions of assessment; and; what employability skills are required by industries in the Sciences. More recently, we have been focused upon metacognition and the art of reflection in relation to the development of career readiness as well as the perceptions of assessment (type and value) across staff and students for various STEM disciplines.

Rather than outline a particular project here, we like to tailor Honours projects around a student’s interests. We can either provide projects for the traditional disciplinary research pathways or the less research-intensive professional skills pathway.  If you like the idea of working on a project from the ground-up, get in contact to have a chat.


Professor Amanda Able, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

Professor Amanda Able
Professor in Plant Science in the School of Agriculture Food and Wine as well as a member of the Adelaide Education Academy. Amanda currently leads projects that explore assessment and how it best demonstrates learning outcomes as well as the development of employability skills in Science graduates. She has previously been involved in the development of Threshold Learning Outcomes in Agriculture for Australia as well as the international project which provided recommendations for the provision of equitable student support in higher education during disruptions such as COVID.

Research area: Agricultural Science

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