Celebrating the life and legacy of John Stanley Davies

John Stanley Davies

The University of Adelaide is celebrating the life and legacy of John Stanley Davies, who bequeathed the organisation $2 million in property after his death in 1968, with an event happening on 17 August at the District Hall in Spalding.

A podcast has been produced which explores his legacy, including voices from people who knew him. The podcast was launched at a community event held at Spalding on August 17 2023.

JS Davies spent his working life improving strains of beef cattle. The University of Adelaide’s Davies Livestock Research Centre, which was launched in 2016, carries on the spirit of his work.

Through its research, the Centre aims to optimise animal productivity, product quality and wellbeing by bringing together experts in animal breeding, genetics, physiology, reproduction, genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, physics and engineering.

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