Science & Technology Australia appoints Dr Melissa Humphries as Committee member

STA recognises STEM sector visionary for STEM-sector Policy Committee

Dr. Melissa Humphries has been awarded a place on the prestigious Science & Technology Australia (STA) Policy Committee for the Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths (STEM) sector. The Committee serves to drive progress in STEM sector policy in areas such as diversity, equity and inclusion.

Dr Melissa Humphries

About Science & Technology Australia

The STA is Australia’s peak industry body in Science and Technology, representing more than 115,000 scientists and technologists. It is an influential voice ‘for evidence and expertise in public policy,’ and a hub for scientists, scientific societies, governments, industry and the broader community. 

About Dr Melissa Humphries

Dr Melissa Humphries is a teaching and research statistician at the University of Adelaide who creates and applies analytical tools to make sense of the world. Melissa is an award-winning teacher drawing together Bayesian learning (building on prior learning) and student-as-partner methodology (co-creator of knowledge) to deliver innovative pedagogical practice that drives results. As a community-minded STEM leader, Melissa has held numerous roles on boards and committees, including the industry and discipline advisory board, outreach committee, teaching innovation committee and various conference committees at the University of Adelaide. 
Melissa has contributed significantly to the Australian mathematical community through grant and mentorship committee work. As an early-career researcher representative, Melissa achieved her broadest impact by steering the committee response to an ICAC investigation. Subsequently, this led to her becoming a member of the Transforming Culture Implementation Taskforce tasked with advising on policies and guidelines to promote integrity and transparency within the University of Adelaide.

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