FAME Sustainability Strategy grants awarded

Recent Successful Projects from Sustainability FAME Internal Grant 2023

Foci And Magnets for Excellence (FAME) grants have been awarded to researchers within the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Sherif Haggag

Dr Sherif Haggag

Successful projects

Dr Sherif Haggag has successfully been awarded a grant of $20,000 for his project: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human-centric Application Compatibility” in the recent Sustainability FAME Internal Grant round.

Dr Wei Zhang has also received a grant of $19,878 in the recent Sustainability FAME Internal Grant round for her project: “Sustainable Warriors or Marketing Mirage? Navigating the Truth Behind Greenwashing”. 

The University of Adelaide prioritises its research at scale within FAME (Foci And Magnets for Excellence) strategies. Our (FAME) strategies provide a platform that enables us to attract the best researchers and partners, and deliver positive impacts for our State and Nation through research excellence and its translation.

About the FAME Sustainability Strategy

The FAME Sustainability Strategy is aimed at developing and accelerating solutions that deliver sustainability, equity and prosperity for the planet and its people, underpinned by breakthrough research. 

Research Strategy Documents

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