AUMT Wins First Place at 2023 Formula SAE-A competition for Endurance of Electric Vehicle

AUMT wins 2023 Formula SAE-A competition

Young Innovators Drive Towards Greener Future in Motorsports

Adelaide University’s Motorsport Team (AUMT) won first place in the Electric Vehicle Endurance Event at the 2023 Formula SAE-A competition, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A). The race was highly competitive, showcasing AUMT’s leadership in electric vehicle engineering amongst university-level peers.

Jake Herrmann, President of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team commented, “This result is such a milestone for our team. It is the first time we’ve ranked first place in a dynamic formula racing event. This is a massive achievement and is due to the tireless work of our entire team – especially with an electric car which integrated a brand-new accumulator. Not only did the battery last 22km but our car was fastest on track during the event.”

Professor Nelson Tansu, Head of the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide said, “The AUMT endurance win in an electric vehicle race is a step towards a greener future in motorsports and we are extremely honoured to support our students in their innovative engineering endeavours. The student team has been fantastic and well organised. It consists of highly talented and committed members. We are also grateful for the great support of our staff members.”

On its website, Formula SAE-A organisers stated, “Congratulations to every team that competed in the Formula SAE-A 2023 competition! Your participation made the event a resounding success. The teams showcased incredible ingenuity under pressure and gained invaluable real-world experience from dedicated volunteers. Well done to all!”

The well-attended universities event – bringing together students and industry professionals – was held from 14-17 December 2023 at Calder Park Raceway, in Calder Park, Victoria, Australia.

You can watch the AUMT team’s winning efforts at the following times in the YouTube recording below:

  • 6:38:38 – first driver
  • 7:03:10 – second driver (fastest lap)

Watch event footage

Formula SAE-A 2023 results

Congratulations to the following AUMT student team members:

  • James Gurney
  • Kim Quaghebeur
  • Jacob Ditter
  • Christian Goiak
  • James Mattiske
  • Ruard Koekemoer
  • Alex Zbroja
  • Zane Walker
  • Ben Coleman
  • Alex Pollok
  • Marcell Forgacs
  • Jessica Iankov
  • Grace Miller
  • Erin Pereira
  • Dut Tong
  • Pietro Rugai
  • Emith Caldera
  • Ethan Buchan
  • Simranpal Singh
  • Chenchu Ma
  • Glyn Ellis
  • Ben Cornish
  • Mariam Abd-Alghany
  • Saatvik Rudrapatna
  • Dev Patel
  • Hannah Dinning
  • Vivi Soeryo
  • Alifia Soeryo
  • Harvey Michels
  • Bryce Chung

University of Adelaide Staff:

  • Benjamin Green, Technical Team Leader
  • Jozef Kumberger, Technician and Control
  • Pascal Symons, Technical Operations

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