Recent Research Visits at the Biometry Hub

The Biometry Hub recently welcomed two visiting researchers, Dr Blair Robertson and Dr Suman Rakshit.

Dr Robertson, from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, NZ, visited in mid-February (10th - 15th) to work with Biometry Hub group leader Dr Olena Kravchuk, visiting researcher Professor Omer Ozturk from Ohio State University, and Masters Student Peter Kasprzak on sampling research in agriculture. This follows on from his invited presentation at the International Biometric Society conference in December on spatially balanced sampling. He presented at Stats PD about Spatially balanced sampling of natural resources using a random-start Halton sequence.

Dr Rakshit visited last week (1st - 6th March) and is from Curtin University, where he is also part of SAGI-West, the Western node of the Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry project that the Biometry Hub is involved in. Dr Rakshit is collaborating with senior researcher Dr Julian Taylor on an efficient one-step GWAS approach (methodological and software) for industry driven phenotypic traits. He also presented about a Novel Approach to the Analysis of Spatially-varying Treatment effects in On-farm Experiments during his time.

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