Biometry Hub News updates

The Biometry Hub has been busy!

The Biometry Hub is expanding: our new consulting and visitors office is now available on the ground floor of Waite Building. The office is being refurbished and it is expected that we will start our consulting sessions there early April 2020. The office will have one consulting corner, three workstations for consulting staff and visitors and a round-table consulting area for up to six people with a smart whiteboard.

Sam Rogers and Sharon Nielsen successfully delivered the SAGI-STH training program at Clare. Although the attendance could have been better, Sharon’s expertise and one-to-one attention was greatly appreciated by the participants, who represented local agri-business and government organisations.

Olena Kravchuk visited the Clare group and had an in-depth discussion with the Clare SARDI leader Dr Penny Roberts about the field research methods in the group and the value-adding contribution from SAGI in relation to field trials.

Under the leadership of Peter Kasprzak and with a close cooperation from Ben Pike, the next lot of valuable data was collected in the Coombe vineyard, contributing to the teaching and learning value of this facility for promoting best practice of design-based sampling at Waite. Thank you to Russell Edson, Mariola Kwiatkowski and Wayne Campbell for spending the whole day in the vineyard assisting the harvest and capturing the data of the yield of individual vines.

Sam Rogers have started his new role as the Membership Officer for the Australasian branch of the International Biometric Society. You will now be getting emails from him when your IBS membership is due for renewal.

Richard Porter from AgXtra visited the Biometry Hub to discuss the SAGI collaboration on their new GRDC project on the assessment of the bushfire impact in cropping areas. This is a challenging sampling project, supported by the advice from Ray Correll, Omer Ozturk, Blair Robertson and Olena Kravchuk.

Sam Rogers has represented Olena Kravchuk at the meeting of the Department of Wine Science with the new Head of School, Prof Martin Cole. There is a good potential for the Biometry Hub to play a more prominent role in the teaching, community engagement and research training in the School.

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