Dr Giang Nguyen wins 2019 SA Tall Poppy Science Award

Congratulations to Dr Giang Nguyen (Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics) who has been recognised as a 2019 South Australian Tall Poppy Science Award winner.

Dr Giang Nguyen, SA Tall Poppy Award Winner 2019

This prestigious award is in recognition of both Dr Nguyen's outstanding research and on-going commitment to inspire community engagement in mathematics.

Randomness affects the world around us every day. In order to make decisions, it is important to predict and understand the range of possible outcomes, and their likelihoods. Dr Nguyen’s research uses probability and statistics to develop models to gain insight, and aid in decision-making processes in real-life situations. She has applied these models to a wide array of fields, ranging from cancer treatment to predicting the South Australian power grid.

Dr Nguyen's enthusiasm for mathematics is shown by her numerous maths outreach activities, including volunteering in the CSIRO Mathematics in Schools program, development of a Maths in Life app, and contributing to The Random Sample podcast.

The Tall Poppy Awards, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, recognises achievement in the sciences and helps to communicate the passion and purpose of Australia's finest scientists.

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