Hip, hip… neigh! Birthday time for the University’s oldest horses

The University of Adelaide’s oldest horses have celebrated their 28th birthday. It was everything you imagined it would be - carrot cake, party hats and lots of friends.

Today, August 1 is the official birthdate of Australian horses, and the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences hosted a special celebration for two of its oldest ladies in the teaching team.

It was also their ten-year anniversary at Roseworthy campus.

Hip, hip… neigh! Birthday time for the University’s oldest horses at Roseworthy campus

University of Adelaide staff at Roseworthy campus celebrate with the 'birthday girls' Jan and Tara

“Jan and Tara are two fit, happy, elderly horses turning 28 today,” says school manager Sarah Hocking.

“They are celebrating by taking a day off and sharing carrot cake with good friends at the Roseworthy campus.” 

Jan and Tara are matriarchs in a group of 30 teaching horses living on campus. Despite being semi-retired, they still enjoy student interaction.

“They combine a great rural life with teaching students about horse husbandry and how to become confident around large animals,” Sarah says.

“They know the drill - stand quietly and patiently when new cohorts of students arrive.”

Although a bit shy about admitting their age, we asked Jan and Tara what they thought about the celebrations.

“It's great to also be recognised for ten years of service in support of the many students passing through our veterinary medicine, animal science, animal behaviour, and soon to be veterinary technology, degrees,” they said - or would have said.

Sarah said it was a tribute to the Roseworthy campus carers and veterinarians for their longevity.

“It’s time for the ladies to cut back just a little more and enjoy some extra time in the green pastures,” she says.

“We salute you both and so do your other equine buddies, and the students and staff at Roseworthy.”

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