Career Service experiences: Abdul Rahim Mohammad

ECMS students share their experiences using the University of Adelaide career services and how they are preparing for graduate employment.

In part 1 of this four part series, hear from Abdul Rahim Mohammed, a current Master of Engineering (Electronic) student in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Abdul Rahim Mohammad smiling in front of a green leafy background

Which university support services have you used to help you prepare for graduate employment?
I have used the:

Why did you choose these services, and how did you hear about them?
I chose these services because I did not have a clear idea about my career and I wanted to talk to someone who has dealt with situations like mine. I found out about the career service through university news emails and general recommendations from my professors.

Did you find the support you received helpful?
The support I received was incredible. Careers Education Officer Fiona Brammy helped me through every step of understanding how the Australian job market works and how it was necessary for me to network effectively. She also helped me shape my resume up to a professional standard and gave me invaluable tips on how to approach job postings and writing cover letters. Fiona also helped me understand how to articulate my skills into my applications and has been a great help in my professional development. She also gave my pointers on how to network and where to find opportunities with the market. Overall, I would not have the confidence to apply for a job in the Australian market if not for Fiona and her guidance.

What is your top tip for writing a cover letter? 
Carefully read through the advertisement, then underline the adjectives within the ad. You should now try to bridge the gap between your resume and you through the cover letter – for example, why are you qualified for this position? - I am qualified due to my previous experience in industry xyz – while including the previously identified words from the posting.

How did you find the experience of your virtual appointment?
My virtual appointment experience was fun, it was easy to set up and navigate, I could even record the appointment if I needed to! I think virtual appointments are great, they are very helpful for those with social anxiety such as myself. I could connect online within the comfort of my safe space and get almost all I could do in a face-to-face appointment. 


Thank you Abdul, and all the best with your future job search!

Visit CareerHub for more information about out how the University can help you find and prepare for graduate employment.


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