Career Service Experiences: Sanchita Anand

In part two, meet Sanchita Anand, current Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) student as she tells us about the career support she received at the University of Adelaide.

Sanchita Anand smiling to the camera

Which university support services have you used to help you prepare for graduate employment?
I used a number of support services, including the:

  • Career’s Access Mentoring Program
  • Women in STEM Careers Program
  • Resume/Cover letter workshops and the
  • Mock Assessment Centre.

Why did you chose these services? How did you find out about them?
I found out about the career access mentoring program and other workshops by visiting the Careers Expo last year and attending the information sessions about resources that the career’s service offers to support students. I heard about the Women in STEM program via e-mail when it was launched and then I actively sought for applying to it by searching the ECMS website.

Was the support you received helpful?
The support I received from the Careers Services programs has been valuable in helping me build a better understanding of the professional behaviours and standards that employers look for, especially by the time we are in our final year.

I have found all the workshops and sessions are led by really friendly and engaging career service representatives, who are very thorough and willing to help us out with any of our career-related questions or concerns. I’m always provided with useful tips and tools every time I attend any one of their events or workshops.

What's your top cover letter writing tip?
I believe it’s important to first assess yourself and see if you fit into the role you are applying for and then, it’s much easier to market yourself.

How did you find the experience of your virtual appointment?
I had my virtual appointment with a very friendly career service representative who made time during her day to review how I formatted my graduate resume with me and expertly answered my questions. I found the experience to be very useful.


Thank you, Sanchita! We wish you all the best for the remainder of your studies and your future career.

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