Career Service Experiences: Thomas Lancione

Thomas Lancione, currently studying a joint Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, tells us in this final part of the series his experiences with the University of Adelaide careers service.

Thomas Lancione standing in front of a brick facade

To help you prepare for graduate employment, which university support services have you used?
I used CareerHub through the University Careers Service and Ask ECMS.

Why did you use these services and how did you find out about them?
​​​​​​When I worked as a Student Ambassador for the university in 2018, I was fortunate to learn more about CareerHub. Not only are you able to search for a range of internship and graduate employment opportunities on there, but there are also various events and workshops that students can attend as well as advisors you can contact for career guidance appointments.

Was the support you received helpful? 
I have made various appointments with the Careers Services team during my time at the university and have never once been left disappointed. When I was looking for engineering related internship opportunities, they helped to provide direction in what to look for as well as assisted in improving my application papers.

What is your top tip for writing a cover letter? 
Attention to detail is key. It helps to spend some time doing your research on the position you’re applying for.

Finally, how did you find the experience of your virtual appointment?
My recent virtual appointment was just as effective as my previous meetings in person. The career advisors show a lot of care for the student’s concerns and are particularly helpful in helping students explore employment opportunities related to their field of study.


Thank you, Thomas! All the best for the remainder of your studies and your future career.

Visit CareerHub for more information about out how the University can help you find and prepare for graduate employment.


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