Career Service Experiences: Richard Pinter

In part 3, Richard Pinter, who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced), tells us about the career and graduate support he has received from the University of Adelaide Careers service.

Richard Pinter stranding in front of a green leafy tree

Which university support services have you used to help you prepare for graduate employment?
Almost all of them, I believe. My personal favourite is the Mentorship program. My mentor really is amazing.

How did you find out about the mentor program and why did you choose to participate?
I received an email about it and applied for it. Networking is an important aspect of professional success.

Has the support you have received from the Careers service been helpful?
All support was greatly appreciated and beyond useful. Some of the information on what companies are looking for in an employee was profound and eye-opening. Who would have thought that extra-curricular activities are just as important as your GPA? Thanks again!

What is your number one tip for writing cover letters?
It takes a village to write a good cover letter. Make sure you ask other people to proof-read it!

Finally, how did you find your Careers service virtual appointment?
Honestly, not a big fan of virtual appointments, but as far as virtual appointments goes they were sufficient.


Thank you, Richard, and all the best for the remainder of your studies and your future career.

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