Community Engagement Learning Project Course

Do you want to gain practical project-based experience with a community organisation for credit towards your degree?

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If so, the Community Engagement Learning Project is a 3 unit short intensive course offered online over the winter period to provide students with the opportunity to engage with a not-for-profit or local government organisation.

Students undertake a group project identified by the organisation, and present their project work at the end of the course. Students will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills through the online seminar program as well as engaging with a local organisation that delivers services to the community.

The course is suitable for students from any study area with an interest in community engagement, who strives to gain experience of completing a project for a professional organisation and further develop their skills in a practical form that mirrors professional project work.


Enrol now: ARTS3100 Community Engagement Learning Project
(elective 3 unit course available for all students).

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