Computer Science and Maths internship opportunities

The Internship team are currently sourcing a range of internships within the Computer Science and Mathematical Science fields.

Practical experience

Internships allow you to build and apply your skills to relevant workplace settings and provide you with real life practical experience.

Training and support will be provided to you throughout the duration of the internship by the host organisation in career development and employability skills. You will have the opportunity to produce original work which builds and demonstrates your analytical, research and problem-solving skills and graduate-ready qualities that are essential for future employment.

The internship component will directly add to your experiences and resume while providing an environment to consolidate your confidence and the ability to contribute to a workplace. Each internship opportunity is different and provides unique experiences for you to grow and further your practical experience within your field.

Sound appealing? If you are interested in participating in an internship experience, please continue to check CareerHub for all available internship opportunities. All internship promotions include the details and expectations of the internship. To assess your eligibility to undertake an internship experience, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Internship Coordinator Anthea D'Aloia.

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