Poppy@AIML PhD scholarships now available!

The Poppy@AIML, offers made in association with the Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre will support 2 full time PhDs who are commencing/undertaking research in into computer vision, machine learning and deep learning.

Robotic arm and a person holding a table which is controlling the arm

The successful applicant will pursue novel postgraduate research into computer vision, machine learning and deep learning in conjunction with the new Poppy@AIML lab.

Poppy@AIML will be a dynamic R&D co-lab between the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and the Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC) for rapid development of Al and machine learning prototypes for the ADF, adopting a 'Learning-through-doing' approach.

Poppy@AIML will bring together world-leading researchers, machine learning engineers and Al-savvy personnel in a creative and fast-paced environment. The team will have a "fail fast" mindset to quickly deliver high-tech MVPs, prototypes, feasibility studies and experiments in the machine learning space that are needed by the ADF, greatly accelerating the traditional acquisition cycle time.


Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia who are acceptable as candidates for a PhD degree at the University of Adelaide. Successful applicants will hold or be close to completing an Honours or Masters Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics (or related area), at 1st class or 2A (2:1) level (or equivalent), with a demonstrable project/research component.

About the scholarship

Payment per year $35,000 per annum (tax free)
Duration 3 years
Citizenship Australian Citizens
Australian Permanent Residents
New Zealand Citizens
Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders

Applications close 24 July 2020.

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