Food (science), glorious food (science)

In their element | Food (science), glorious food (science): Millie Shinkfield

Food (science), glorious food (science): Millie Shinkfield

Millie is a die-hard foodie.

She loves nothing more than deconstructing the textures and flavours of her favourite dishes when dining out…much to the annoyance of her friends.

She does, however, know what she is talking about.

After completing a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science, and honours degree in the same area, Millie is now a quality assurance assistant at Mexex Food Production.

Using her knowledge of food science, she spends her days inspecting products and testing them in the lab to ensure Mexex’s food meets the required quality and safety standards.

Join us for her conversation with presenter Sarah Davidson as she talks about the versatility of the humble potato (including its use in ice cream!), what inspired her to focus on food waste for her honours project and the pathway that has led her to be in her element.

Food (science), glorious food (science): Millie Shinkfield
"Science is behind any area. It’s about understanding the world around you and then being able to make it better from that understanding.”Millie Shinkfield - Quality Assurance Assistant, Mexex

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