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A good time to cell

A good time to cell: Reuben Jacob

Episode 5, In Their Element Podcast

Meet science graduate Reuben Jacob. Hear his story - from studying biotechnology with a major in genetics; to working at the intersection of science and business as an innovation manager for a world-leading biotechnology company.

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Call of the wild

Jacob Maher

Episode 4, In Their Element Podcast

Meet science graduate Jacob Maher, who was sure his career was going to be finding out who's who in the zoo, but graduated with a passion for all things nature.

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Bottled botanicals

Brendan and Laura Carter - University of Adelaide science alumni and founders of Unico Zelo Wines, Applewood Distillery and Økar Amar

Episode 4, In Their Element Podcast

Meet agriculture and winemaking graduates Laura and Brendan - they're taking the wine and spirit industry by storm and creating their very own 'Big Label Energy'.

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Food (science), glorious food (science)

In their element | Food (science), glorious food (science): Millie Shinkfield

Episode 3, In Their Element Podcast

Meet Millie Shinkfield, her food and nutrition science studies gave her the appetite to pursue a career with one of Adelaide's largest food producers.

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The sky’s the limit

Phoebe De Wilt

Episode 2, In Their Element Podcast

Meet space science and astrophysics graduate Phoebe De Wilt whose career is reaching new heights at the Bureau of Meteorology.

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Walk on the guide side

In their element | Pip Edwards, Puppy Education Supervisor at the Royal Society for the Blind with Lulu

Episode 1, In Their Element Podcast

Meet Pip Edwards, an animal science graduate who has found her 'paw-pose' in life. 

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