Professor Joshua Ross awarded Fulbright Future Scholarship

Congratulations to Professor Joshua Ross on being awarded a Fulbright Future Scholarship to be hosted at North Carolina State University.

Joshua Ross wearing a suit speaking on part of a panel, with the text Australian Academy of Science

Joshua Ross is a Professor of Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences.

His research focuses on developing novel mathematical and statistical methods, and new probabilistic models, that assist in understanding the factors that are most important to complex systems in epidemiology and conservation biology. He uses these techniques to assist in determining effective public health, and conservation/biosecurity, policy. 

As a Fulbright Future Scholar, Joshua will focus on the emerging area of Outbreak Analytics (i.e., Data and Decision Sciences for Outbreaks) and Gene Drive Modelling for Pest Eradication. These developments will inform how best to respond to emerging epidemiological threats, and for safe use of gene drives for pest eradication. 

Fulbright Australia promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relations between the two countries.

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