GovHack 2020 by Infosys Technologies

Infosys would like to invite you to GovHack 2020 – the largest open data hackathon in the southern hemisphere.

Infosys is a global leader in next generation digital services and consulting, helping organisations across Australia and New Zealand, navigate along their digital transformation journey.  

GovHack is an annual Hackathon competition held across Australia and New Zealand, where-in participants from across the community work on open data provided by Government partners, to try and solve contextual challenges that we face in society. 

This year the hackathon will primarily be a virtual engagement giving participants / mentors an opportunity to connect remotely. 

As a participant (in a team of 3-4), you will be required to provide a possible solution to a challenge catering to the community. During the event, teams get 46-hours to create a project page, proof of concept and a video supporting and explaining your resolution to the chosen problem statement. 

All resources for GovHack including challenges, data sets, past solutions and other relevant information can be found at the GovHack Hackerspace 

GovHack will be held through the following weekend from 6.30pm Adelaide time on 14 August until 4:30pm Adelaide time on 16 August.

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