Genes controlling seed development

Scientists are seeking a student with an interest in plant breeding for a project dissecting the MADS-box interactome during barley ovule and seed development.

Flowers are comprised of many different organs, the number and position of which varies between species. Pioneering studies in model species such as Arabidopsis and snapdragon identified the MADS-box genes as key regulators of floral organ development.

Barley flower slide - Matthew Tucker

In preliminary work relevant to this proposal, we have generated a series of mutants in specific MADS-box genes in barley. These mutants show differences in seed size, number and weight.

In this project, you will investigate whether the proteins encoded by these MADS-box genes interact, determine how they control gene expression, and identify the cells in which they are expressed.

The aim is to build a network of interactions that can be modified to control seed traits.

This project builds on unique knowledge of ovule and seed development in barley, in addition to innovative technologies and genomic resources.

The diverse methods will provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn critical laboratory skills for a career in molecular science, plant breeding or seed industries.


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