Made-in-SA: Advanced materials derived from local growers’ agricultural waste

Multiple honours research projects are available to develop ‘made-in-SA’ advanced functional materials derived from the agricultural waste of local growers.

Novel advanced materials are key to shaping Australia’s future prosperity. While these materials have traditionally been synthesised from non-renewable sources, this project will help to develop novel functional advanced materials from renewable biomolecules, sourced from SA’s local fruit and vegetable growers.

Adelaide Glycomics

University of Adelaide glycomics researchers are part of the Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development

Several projects are available where you will contribute to the synthesis of novel functional materials/polymers for products such as biodegradable films, packaging materials, novel sensors, or biomaterials.

The research project will develop the students’ skill in chemistry and involve extraction of biomolecules from biomass, purification, synthesis of materials, and the use of analytical instrumentation to evaluate materials properties.

This project is in collaboration with the South Australian State Government Research Consortia Program which has invested $4 million to develop new industries and products derived from agricultural waste.


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